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Almost professional mechanics!

Almost professional mechanics!

The cars demand attention. A lot of attention! For days we do nothing else than arrange and install. Especially the communication should work! From Africa, I’ve learned that it’s important to be able to reach my team from miles away – preferably also in the biggest radio hole. So Kerstin and I practiced in telecommunications and made our camper to the radio center of Ice2Ice. My brother Jürgen already organized the right equipment in Vienna. Thanks to his knowledge and help, we had not only radios but also various antennas, a WiFicatcher and an international SIM including FritzBox in the luggage. Now we just had to wire everything and done. Of course, the “and done” took a lot longer than expected. Kerstin and I screwed, plugged and fixed cables until we finally could send signals to the data world via all imaginable channels. Now we can deliver photos and information about the track and our experience to the team in Vienna in time. The communication between me and the team in the cars is based on radios and a satellite phone. In a nearby hardware store, where I was now a permanent guest, we took the distance test and were able to get the best connection even on two kilometers. And a satellite call to Austria worked perfectly.

The next chapter in our car mechanic life was about the power supply. The current transformer should provide us with an input voltage that also provides enough power for our European devices. A lot of 12-volt cigarette lighter serve sockets. That sounds like a lot of work – and it is. Here, up north of the 60th parallel, it never gets really dark. The Midnight Sun: A fascinating phenomenon and perfect for an evening workout or an all-day workshop about car mechanics.

After the car is used as a direct accompanying vehicle, we installed a light bar and flashing lights. Driving after dark will become routine for me as a nocturnal person. Of course, the right light is necessary for this.

Not only installation work on the camper and car were to be done. We also mastered various bureaucratic hurdles in the last days. Kathi from my team in Vienna researched various formalities at border crossings and found out that we had to make my team the vehicle owners as quickly as possible. And out of a sudden Viki and Kerstin owned a new car.

With all the to-dos, the Alpine Bakery has become our place to relax. Walter, Silvia, Peter and Sophie always have an open ear and a helping hand with which they support us. In the bakery, I get a great supply before the start: It not only tastes great, the sustainability is definitely not too short here. Whatmore do you want!