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Final spurt

Final spurt

The last day of Ice2Ice is long – very, very long. Luckily we reached the last ferry directly after the border. Then we took a night stop before my non-stop stage until Ushuaia started. Without a real break, I cycle now for more than 20 hours. We had to cross one last border to Argentina. The first kilometers in Argentina reminded us of the Dalton Highway because the road was just a muddy track. After that, the streets were okay, but I am incredibly tired. In addition, unfortunately, the cold is almost unbearable and maked the extreme fight in the end even harder. In Tolhuin, 100 km before Ushuaia, we just took a last short break. I changed my clothes quickly and now we are ready for the very last kilometers. During the last 100 km and more than 600 meters gain in elevation I’ll have to face snow and headwind until the finish line. Ice2Ice lives up to its name. Maybe we should have included the word “headwind” as well. That is really my biggest opponent during this project.

Keep your fingers crossed! I am so close! I have no strength left, but I fight until the finish line.

Today is also the last day of the voting for “Sportler mit Herz “. I would be very glad if you give me your vote and support Racing4Charity. The prize money of 5,000 Euro will be donated entirely to people suffering from ALS or ME/CFS. Thank you so much!

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