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I did it! A new world record!

I did it! A new world record!

We are in Ushuaia! I did it! The hardest fight of my life is won. I arrived today at the local time of 09:05 a.m. after more than 22,600 kilometers in 84 days, 11 hours, 50 minutes. A new world record! Furthermore I have beaten the old record by 15 days. It was extreme, so often incredibly grueling and I went to my limits and beyond. But now I stand here in Ushuaia and I am just overwhelmed.

I had to do a last climb just before the finish line. The snowy pass demanded power from me, which I did not expect to have anymore after more than 24 hours of continuous cycling. But I knew that are the last kilometers of an incredibly long journey. The reason why we decided to cycle the whole night through was a storm that forcast for today. In Ushuaia, my Garmin bike computer showed 460 km for today’s stage. Icy cold, rain, snow, headwind and side storm accompanied me on the last day of Ice2Ice. Especially the last pass was a real challenge with a snow track. A representative from Norwex were waiting for us. With the Move4Michael campaign, Norwex raised $ 14,000 for Racing4Charity. Today we received the check at the finish line. Many, many thanks to Norwex for this incredible support!

It is not just my mental and physical strength that make me stand here today and set a new world record. A huge thank you to my sponsors and all the people who supported Ice2Ice. Of course, this trip would not have been possible without my team in Vienna and on the road. They were always there for me. Many, many thanks to my great companions Sami, Chris, Angelika, Christian and especially to my tireless three girls Kerstin, Viki and Viola – Thanks for the incredible support during Ice2Ice!

Thanks to all who have followed my world record trip on this blog. You even managed that the server had to fight for the last kilometers of Ice2Ice. I would be glad if you continue to follow my next days on social media.

I’ll probably need weeks or even months to realize what I’ve achieved with my team. Most of all, I’m just happy that we all arrived safely in Ushuaia. We are now doing the last interviews, looking for a cozy place to stay and are looking forward to a hot shower and lots of sleep! 🙂