ICE 2 ICE Live Blog

Let’s get started!

Let’s get started!

In just a few hours we will start! We worked for so long, planned everything in detail, adapted the route to new information, prepared the buses and inspected all the equipment. Now it is finally here: the start.

Even the last kilometers up to the start weren’t as planned. Some roads are closed and we could not and cannot drive through at just any time. We will start at 4:00 pm (our time) to comply with all regulations. As a nocturnal person, I am actually quite happy that I can drive the first leg at night and have to pay less attention to the truck traffic.

I am glad and very grateful that from now on I can hand over the whole organization on site to my team and I can be sure that they are always supported by my team at home. So I can fully concentrate on my performance and hope that I can retrieve everything that I have been training for so long. I am infinitely grateful to all the people who made this adventure possible. My family and friends, helping hands and sponsors – without you, I would not stand with my team here at the start.

Thanks also to you, who are reading this, that you are out there and support me from everywhere. It means so much to me and I’m so excited to read and hear all your encouraging words and congratulations. Keep your fingers crossed that we can get through without any major complications and achieve our much-desired goal: to bring the world record home to Austria!

I am ready and looking forward to this adventure. Now it is true: Ice2Ice – Patagonia, here we come!