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The team

The team

I have never been satisfied with the easiest way. “Where there is a will there is a way”: this say could nearly be from me. My stubbornness, my ambition and my thirst for action do not leave me any peace. It was just a question of time for me to have a new challenge in mind. The “Ice2Ice” project is my new vision that I would like to implement. A project like that is of course not manageable alone. People always hear “Michi Strasser starts a new world record…” but Michi Strasser all alone would not be much. Although I stand for with my name, the praise is directed to many more. It requires a lot of helpers to perfectly handle the coordination and organisation. I am just a small part of a great team who stand by my side with advices and acts. Each and every one gives his very best and it is thank to this that my new challenge comes to life.

After “Cairo2Cape” not only I was at the end of my physical and psychological strengths, but also my escort crew and my supporters in Austria. Many nerve-wracking situations played a role, such as the entry into new countries. What I actually want to say: I would not have achieved the things I did without my team. Each of them invested himself with full heart and supported me and stayed with me in thoughts.

During my first project were time where I just wanted to give up. My team pushed me and held my motivation high. Who are actually those people who throw themselves in these adventures with me?

My cameraman Chris Wisser is on my side since my journey through Africa. He himself described this journey as the greatest experience of his life. “Caire2Cape” changed entirely his vision of the world and has left its trace on him. Many people in Africa are fighting for their survival on a daily basis. It showed him that material things do not play a role in life and that the body is capable of way more things that one could imagine. Did he become afterwards a better person? I can not say but he is for sure a different one.

Our team also included Kerstin Quirchmayr, as both my life and adventure partner. It is sometimes hard for me to grasp that she still stands by my side after all the crazy ideas I have had. She is part of the project “Ice2Ice” and will also accompany me during my world record trip. She endures my moods, my doubts and my utopian visions and keeps on loving me even when I do not love myself. Those lines should not be seen as marriage vows but should make people understand how much she means to me and how much I appreciate her loving nature.

When I am thinking of Viktoria Klammerth, one can immediately hear her thirst of adventure in her conversation. The cameraman Chris has known her for some time and was also the one who asked her. No, it is not what you are thinking now. He asked her if she wanted to go on a trip with him and me. She did not hesitate for a second, which proved me that she was the one we needed. Positive thinking, a tremendous motivation and a faith in my success are things I can only benefit from when I am not in my best days. Sides not to be undermined are her Spanish skills and her permanent good mood.

The percentage of women in my team is high but clearly an advantage for us men. Viola Minixhofer, a physiotherapist, certainly represent a high concentration of “female power”. She will put me back to one piece, fix my slight pains and occasionally kick me in my probably injured back when needed. Her thirst of adventure will for sure be more than satisfied with this “country hopping”. She definitely deserves this as she is in the last and hardest part of her studies. So we’ll keep our fingers crossed Viola!