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Multimedia lecture – Cairo2Cape – WORLD RECORD

Adventurer, triathlete & ultra-distance cyclist Michael Strasser achieved the seemingly impossible in spring 2016! Alone, only with the support of two friends (Inge Kiselka & Chris Wisser) and a 20 year old Toyota he breaks the world record “Cairo > Cape Town” which was held by an international 5-man professional cycling team with 10 coaches and numerous accompanying buses. It was all about finding the fastest way from the Mediterranean to the Cape of Good Hope. More than 11,000 “African” kilometres and almost 70,000 metres in height had to be overcome.

Michael speaks about the long preparation and how to develop a project that cannot actually be planned at all. Even before the start of the adventure there were many setbacks to overcome and when Michael actually fainted and collapsed off his bikeafter the first week in Africa it became apparent how dramatic this project really was. With fantastic pictures and short videos he reports about the adventurous tour.


Due to the pandemic, many events are "on hold"


a tour in America/Canada is already planned - so are tour dates in Germany


some dates for public lectures are in the planning stage, please check back here regularly

  1. Vienna, Nordbahnhalle 18:00 - 18:30 followed by a large panel of experts and public discussions More Informations
  2. Linz
  3. Frankfurt, Germany


  1. Secondary technical school, Styria (double lecture)
  2. Business University Vienna, top league programm
  3. Eichgraben, Fuhrwerkerhaus
  4. corporate event, Burgenland
  5. corporate event, Wien
  6. Krems, Lower Austria, Bikepirat.at
  7. Chamber of Labour Vienna, event „Ride your bike to work“
  8. Mexico City, 6th World Bike Forum
  9. Salzburg, 19.30, Elixhausen, HLW Ursprung
  10. Graz, Feldkirchnerhof
  11. Bavaria, Trostberg, German Alpine Club
  12. Berlin Bicycle Week – the world's largest bicycle-lifestyle-show
  13. Vorarlberg, Schulheim, 6841 Mäder
  14. Vienna - private event
  15. Vienna – additional event, Amtshaus 1090, Währingerstr. 43


  1. Vienna, Amtshaus 1090, Währingerstr. 43
  2. Mannersdorf, Leithagebirge Mountains, event hall in the castle
  3. Eisenstadt, BetriebsFitService
  4. Berlin – Friedrichshain
  5. Klagenfurt, 4*Hotel Sandwirt
  6. Neusiedl am See, Weinwerk
  7. Vienna Bicycle Show
  8. Ohlsdorf – Upper Austria, Mezzo Cultural Center
  9. Bruck an der Leitha – City theatre
  10. Expeditions Club Vienna
  11. Edelweiss hut, Schneeberg Mountain
  12. University Sports Institute Vienna
  13. HYPO Vorarlberg 1010 Wien
  14. Museum of winter sports Mürzzuschlag
  15. MedSuccess – THE medical fair at AKH Vienna
  16. CaveManCafe, Stellenbosch, South Africa
„For us Michi Strasser is an extraordinary person, who remains down to earth - he is pure and humble, just like you and me!”
BFS Berlin