Partners that appear record-breaking

Without strong partners a world-record project would not be possible. “Since years I enjoy the priviledge to follow my passion - the triathlon and extreme sport - profesionally, thanks to my sponsors.”, says Michael Strasser happily.

Michael Strasser’s most important major-sponsors are:


Since two years the sausage- and meat producer, which by now also creates various haute cusine products for hobby chefs, is Michael’s main sponsor. Wiesbauer supports him ideally in his preparations for the project “Ice2Ice”. “A sous vide cooked filet steak after workout is a treat that is hard to resist”, smirks the extreme sport athlet.


A new partner for the project “Ice2Ice” is “Ströck-Bread”. A company with tradition which has been a player in sports for years.
“Have a taste of the variety of high-quality bread at ‘Ströck Feierabend’ (one of Ströck’s bakerys in Vienna’s 3rd district) and you’ll know what I mean….” swoons Strasser, who can count himself lucky being one of the few athlets who find their very own bread-roll in the “Ströck” master-bakeries. “Ströck created a heart shaped roll made out of barley, which facilitates living with a high cholesterol level – a genetic defect from which I suffer.”


Safety is a key factor of Michael Strasser’s adventures and associated achievments. With “ABUS” he has the best partner when it comes to theft-proof bike locks, proficient security solutions and protecting helmets.
“My bikes have the value of small cars and should better not be stolen during the project. It is important to know you can rely on your partner.”, says Strasser, valuing the cooperation with ABUS.


2013 Michi became member of this huge family. Step-by-step the common ideas kept growing and the collaboration intensiefied over the years. Ofcourse we are still very happy to be part of thes world-wide group of friends. #givesyouwings


Michi is a real gobletrotter and now very „pride“ to be able to represent an Austrian bike sponsor. Simplon stands for highest quality and integrity. With die individual system every bike is unique, perfectly shaped and built according to individual requirements. For „ice2ice“ we built the totally new developed Aero-Bike „Pride“… #simplon

UN environment - Mountain Heroes

Mountain Heroes

Recently, I became the first cyclist to join a new campaign by the United Nations Environment Program called “Mountain Heroes”. At the heart of this initiative are exceptional athletes who spend part of their time raising awareness of environmental issues, in particular mountain conservation. From a climate perspective, mountains are very relevant because they are early indicators of the effects of climate change.

I think everyone of us can play a litte part to help to mitigate the impacts of climate change, eg by switching to sustainable transport modes such as cycling. And if we all contribute something small, eventually something big can come of it.

Sponsors & Outfitters

This Austrian sports wear manufacturer is Michi´s most loyal partner – already 2012 he became part oft he sponsoring pool. Meanwhile the cooperation turned into a true friendship. #cocoonsports

Michael´s long-standing partners when in comes to pedal systems, bike shoes and saddles. Retrasports portfolio is amazingly broad, visiting their web page pays off. #lookcycle # vittoriashoes #selleitalia

For years Michi is doing his examinations at Sportordination and is very happy about the support. On a daily basis the HRV (heart-rate-variability) is examined and interpreted. Training support at highest level. #sportordination

Michael is working and training to get the most out of himeself – consequently he only is satisfied with nothing but the best also during night. #lupinelights

A maximum of reliability and easy handling is what demonstrated these tools already in Africa. We are happy about the generous support we are receiving now officially. #beatyesterday #garmin