Michael Strasser

Try and fail, but never fail to try



Michael Strasser, born 16th of April 1983 in Mödling, Lower Austria

Original profession

Architect, PhD student at TU Vienna (both inactive)


instructor at the University Sports Institute Vienna

state-certified triathlon instructor (Federal Sports Academy Linz)

state-certified ski-mountaineering instructor (Federal Sports Academy Innsbruck)

cycling trainer & MTB guide (Cycling Association/University of Vienna)

various additional qualifications: climbing/via ferrata trainer


private wordrap

Alarm or inner clock when getting up in the morning?

„The truth is, I see it as a priviledge to listen to the inner clock, when the following day allows it. However, due to many dates and jobs I rely on a set alarm.“

Morning- or evening type?

„I always knew I am a total night owl. This was now confirmed by a genetic test.“

Your start into the day?

„Coffee and porridge!
The porridge is being prepared the previous evening and is all set in the morning. Furthermore the bakery “Ströck” is now producing a special heart shaped bread-roll made out of barley, dedicated to me. Not only does it taste good, containing beta-glucan it also lowers my inhereted high cholesterol level.“

Shower in the morning or at night?

„Always at night, however, after morning practice usally a second time.“

What is a must in your fridge?

„Two boxes of the special “Wiesbauer” product called “Haubenküche für Zuhause” (engl.: haute cusine at home) . My favourite is the young cattle-roastbeef. Moreover some milk and a couple of cans of red bull.“

Your characteristics?

„I’m ambitious and a stubborn pighead – which I consider the best and the worst characteristic at the same time.“

The best headline about you?

„“He won’t make it”, because to me there’s nothing more motivating than reading that line.“

Your Goosebump Moment?

„The last border checkpoint between Botsuana and South Africa and having “only” 1.400 km to go.“

Your favourite place?

„High mountains without lifts.“

If you had three wishes….?

„Health, because an ill person only wishes for one thing.“

Three things you would take to a deserted island?

„Running shoes, my memo book, nice company“

Bike realted

The best experience with your bike?

„Me and my bike always talk the same language.“

The worst experience with your bike?

„Accidents resulting in surgery.“

If I were 18 again…

„I would do many things the same and start earlier to believe in myself.“

At the age of 50, you would want to read about yourself….

„…that I still bike around the world. But I definitely want to have arrived by then.“

Your hidden talents?

„It’s hardly being a Spanish teacher (I currently try to learn it for “Ice2Ice”). Otherwise, cleaning the appartment – I need this for some structure in my life.“

Doing good to me means…

„To do small things. You don’t always need to make a big difference, it’s the small steps that count.“

„He who follows the way of truth does not stumble.”
Mahatma Gandhi


  1. 2018


      Bicycle solo continental crossing
      23,000km from Alaska to Patagonia in 84.5 days (official Guinness world record)
      ICE2ICE documentary

  2. 2017

    1. 1st place Austria-Extreme-Triathlon

      a little more than Ironmand distance 3,8 - 188 - 44k + 5800 height meters

    2. 3rd place Social-Man-Extreme Triathlon

      5 - 185 - 25k with 4900 height meters

  3. 2016

    1. Cairo to Cape World Record

      Bicycle-Solo-Continental Crossing

  4. 2015

    1. 1st place Austria-Extreme-Triathlon

      a little more than Ironmand distance 3,8 - 188 - 44k + 5800 height meters

    2. 3rd place Social-Man-Extreme Triathlon

      5 - 185 - 25k with 4900 height meters

  5. 2014

    1. 1st place Balatonman

      Ironman distance

  6. 2013

    1. World Record "Race Across Russia"

      the first speed-crossing by bycicle
      moscow>vladivostok - 9208km non-stop in 13 days and 2h - in a team of 4


Michael Strasser has a clear goal:

“…To crack the world record from Alaska to Patagonia. A crazy idea, but the project “Ice2Ice” is awesome, this is what I train for and plan for.”

Michael Strasser and the sports?

The story of how the (Lower)Austrian came to sports, he explains with the following words:
“It was pretty simple. I never was a child who preferred Gameboy & the others over exercise. As a country bumpkin from the area Bruck an der Leitha (in the state of Lower Austria), I was outside in nature every day. My first athletic talents proved to be with inline skating, for which I even would have managed to get a professional contract. ‘Would have’, since my parents prevented it. That was fine though, otherwise I perhaps never would have finished school and university. My first steps towards triathlon were taken in a place called Podersdorf am See. Emphasizing the term ‘steps’ here, since it was dark when I reached the goal, hence I was incredibly slow. This was, however, enough motivation, to “torture” myself throughout the following years and reap the first laurels. It took eight years until the first victory. Then it all took its course and resulted in one big living dream: many amazing hours of emotions and sports.”